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Copy Right Claims

Any claims of copyright infringement should be addressed to the Editor at submit@ijaer.in with the subject line “Copyright Infringement”.

The claim must be sufficed by documented files supporting the same version as being published or copyrighted by the other party before the date of publication of the concerned IJAER article. On receipt of the claim, the IJAER Editorial Board, if found satisfactory, will inform the IJAER author to provide an explanation; the discussion of which will be transparent to both parties.

The IJAER reserves the rights to decide the validity of any such claims. After deliberation, if the claim is found justified, the concerned manuscript will be removed from all IJAER archives and servers. In case, the changes required are minimal such as inclusion of references, the authors will be intimated to do the required amendments

Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY)

All articles published by IJAER will be distributed under the terms and conditions of theCreative Commons Attribution License(CC-BY). So anyone is allowed to copy, distribute, and transmit the article on condition that the original article and source is correctly cited.

Article Processing Charges

In an open access model, we promise that readers don't pay for the subscription fee to access online published articles. For authors, only some fundamental costs like editing, production and peer- review are included to maintain normal operations of our company. These Article Processing Charges(APC) are only used to support publishers to make the published articles freely available to all readers. In order to encourage the long-term scientific research, authors are eligible for various discounts on Article Processing Charges(APC).

Review Process

International Journal of Engineering Agriculture and Environmental Research is a Manuscripts not adhering to journal guidelines will be returned to authors without scientific evaluation. Submitted manuscripts adhering to journal guidelines are reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief or an Editor, who will assign them to reviewers. The review process is single blind. The editor prepares a decision letter according to the comments of the reviewers, which is sent to the corresponding author. All non-reviewed manuscripts are sent back within 10 days and decisions letters of manuscripts are sent within 15 to 20 Days.